What Is Linoleic Acid And Why Is It Good For The Body

04 Jul

Also referred to as unsaturated omega 6 it is a carboxylic acid. What makes linoleic acid very essential to the human body, as well as mammals it its ability to biosynthesize prostaglandins. A  chemical hormone called prostaglandins is produced by Omega 3 or Omega 6 oils and what's good about it is that it helps regulate the cells and organs for it to function properly. The term linoleic was actually derived from a famous greek word "linon" and "oleic".

If you do not have enough Omega 6 fatty acid in your body then you may be suffering from these symptoms:

First thing that you will notice is the dryness of hair or excessive hair loss. They are also most likely to experience very slow healing of their wounds and it will heal poorly.

So if you are one of the people experiencing this symptoms then you could be suffering from linoleic acid deficiency; one way to help ensure you body gets enough Omega 6 fatty acids is to take at least 1 spoonful of polyunsaturated oil which can be found in sunflower; be mindful that it needs to be taken every day.

The dilemma here is that our own body is actually not capable of synthesizing linoleic acid, thus- the need for taking supplements that contain it most especially if the body does not have enough linoleic acid. This is why people who are experiencing lack of linoleic acid needs to find a product that can suffice this dietary need.  It is truly beneficial for anyone who wants to lose weight or add more muscle to the body, plus not to mention how it can boost the body's immune system. This amazing product is widely used today by professional athletes and body builders to help boost their performance and it is perfect for working out.

Now the question is, are all of these products the same? Well the answer is no, they vary on the different amounts of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. The amount of CLA you will be needing is 3.4 grams which is why it is vital for you to look carefully on the product description to make sure you are getting the right amount your body needs. For research, the most commonly used Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a formulation called Tonalin. Check cla suplemento to learn more.

Most people take CLA supplements before eating or during. Some side effects are infrequent like nausea. Although there are ways to control those side effects like taking  protein with the supplement. But people who have experienced these side effects stated that it only lasts for about two weeks. Up until now, there are no health risks caused by this supplement. Check cla suplemento for more info.

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